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Video for Building Owners


Give your residents the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate TV experience. Direct Plus brings DIRECTV®, the leader in home entertainment programming. With DIRECTV’s solution for multifamily properties, your residents can get the ultimate TV experience in their apartment or condo via a centralized dish system. Enjoy programming that meets the needs of your property, including bulk options, which allow you to offer DIRECTV at a reduced group rate.

Programming Options 

Your residents will receive a base analog TV package and are not required to activate a DIRECTV receiver. However, any resident who wishes to upgrade the base package will need to request a DIRECTV receiver. The property will be billed for bulk programming. Tenants will be billed separately for any additional programming. Programming commitment is required only for those residents who choose to activate a DIRECTV receiver and add additional programming

All your residents will get a general market base TV package and activate a DIRECTV receiver. Residents may upgrade their base package and have access to all other DIRECTV programming and service options a la carte. The property will be billed for bulk programming. Residents will be billed separately for any additional programming. Resident programming commitment required.

All units in your building will be pre-wired to receive DIRECTV. Your resident can choose their own TV package and have access to all other DIRECTV programming and service options a la carte. They will also be billed directly for all DIRECTV programming and services. Resident programming commitment required. 

Video for Businesses


Hotels: Keep your occupancy high with DIRECTV.

Give hotel guests an unparalleled entertainment experience with DIRECTV’s industry-leading HD programming, sports and channel variety. Create an in-home experience in every room, only with DIRECTV.

Hospitals, Assisted Living, Universities: Keep your patients entertained and informed while they recover.               

Whether someone is in the hospital, under care or attending college, nothing makes people feel at home like DIRECTV. As the ultimate entertainment experience with unmatched HD, sports and variety programing, DIRECTV makes it easy to keep everyone entertained.

High Speed Internet


Today, when people log on to the Internet, they expect instantaneous connection. With DirectPlus, they can have dedicated always-on high-speed Internet access. Our custom built solutions use carrier-grade equipment and infrastructure to deliver next-generation download speeds of up to 1Gbps at multi dwelling unit (MDU) properties.

We design our services around the consumer need for bandwidth that can handle simultaneous online activities like peak Internet browsing, online gaming, video calling, social networking and voice over IP without it affecting user experience. With next-generation Internet speeds within your community, your property becomes more desirable, attracting more buyers and increasing home valuations.

And the best thing about DirectPlus services is that they are fully scalable. With the technology we use, whatever Internet speeds are commercially available, we’ll bring them to your property.