Offering You High‑Speed Internet Services

Experience increased internet speed and bandwidth capabilities with Direct Plus. You can trust us to provide your community with a reliable connection and ensure that everyone is happy.

  • Fiber to the Unit

    Compared to copper cables, our fiber-optic cables can send data faster. This means that you are able to connect with others, upload data, load websites, and stream videos much easier.

  • Fast Internet

    High-speed internet is definitely worth the investment, especially for those who need a strong network for work or academics. We offer speeds up to one Gbps. Additionally, we offer videos for building owners to help you monitor your facility better.

About Us

Direct Plus builds and services integrated satellite television and high‑speed internet, systems for residential multifamily complexes or multiple dwelling units (MDU).

Direct Plus is powered by MasTec’s (NYSE: MTZ) force of 22,000 skilled professionals, with offices across North America, who have designed, built, installed, and maintained communications and energy infrastructure for more than 50 years. MasTec is the largest fulfillment partner for AT&T, DIRECTV, and others.

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